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Historical and Cultural Context
Drawing Prompt
Marcel Breuer (1902-1981) b. Hungary

Breuer - Candlestick

"Architecture should be received by all of the senses, Colors which you can hear with ears;
Sounds to see with eyes;
The void you touch with your elbows;
The taste of space on your tongue;
The fragrance of dimensions;
The juice of stone." - http://robinhillphotography.com/blog/marcel-breuer-and-the-poem-of-architecture/

Media emphasis: architect, furniture designer

Art movement(s): Bauhaus

Principles and elements of design: balance, emphasis, form, line, space, texture, value

Helpful links: http://www.marcelbreuer.org/


Breuer - Arm Chair
Breuer - Model 1096
Breuer - Long Chair

Breuer - Wassily Chair

Breuer - Gunta Stolzl - African Chair

Breuer - UNESCO - Paris

Breuer - McMullen house

Breuer - Whitney Museum


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